How to download vimeo videos?

Vimeo™ Downloader - Professional - One-click download of Vimeo™ videos, including embedded Vimeo™ videos.

What are its advantages:

1. Provide a variety of video resolutions for download.

2. It's free.

3. Whether it is the video of the vimeo website or the video of the vimeo website embedded in other websites, you can download it.

1、Download this extension

2、How to use?

Go directly to the vimeo website or click on the plugin to enter vimeo here.

Move the mouse to the video list and a download button will appear, click the download button, as shown below:

There will be a download button for the video on the details page, as shown below:

If the video of the vimeo website is embedded in other websites, such as the twitter website, click on the video, as shown below:

You can see that downloading is very convenient!